Women's Wash, cut and basic blowout                            $35

Kids Wash, cut, and basic blowout                                  $20

Bangs Trim                                                                       $5

Shampoo and Style                                                          $25


Full Color                                                             $75+

(remember you can not color black to blonde, you need a color correction for that)

10 Foils                                                                $50+

Peek-a-boo, or frontal framing                      

Partial Highlights                                                $70+

Great for High and Low Lights.   

Full Highlights-                                                    $95+

Great for High and Low Lights.           

Color Splash Salon


​Haircolor ..........

​​Ombre/Balayage                                                           $130+
Highlighting technique that is hand painted with and without foils.  This is a blended look that has a sun kissed look.  Sometimes it can take more than one process to achieve to the desired color as any other lightening services does as well  

Gloss Treatment                                                           $35
Beautiful gloss treatment that last for 4 to 6 weeks.  

Color Correction                                $100/1st hr   $75/hr after  
Color Correction can be a short time period but it can be multiple appointments.  The hair has to be willing to work with me in order to get to where it want to be.  

GK Treatment

The Best                                                                $225

* Prevents breakage
*Reduces styling time
*Keeps hair soft and frizz-free